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Milk Kefir: Milk Kefir vs. Water Kefir

Milk kefir and water kefir are essentially very similar. Both exist in the form of small crystalline grains which can be brewed into drinks and both confer huge health benefits to the people that include them in their diet. The main difference between them – and the reason why many people prefer water kefir – is the difference in versatility between them.

Milk kefir grains were the first kind of grains used to brew drinks. Since they have been around a lot longer, they have had more time to become widespread popularity and are currently well known throughout Russia and Eastern Europe (which is a pretty wide area).

They are also popular in the west, although not yet to the same extent. One of the great limiting factors on milk kefir popularity is the fact that there are many people out there who do not enjoy “milky foods”, or simply cannot digest them.

Water kefir grains provide all of the same health benefits as milk kefir, whilst being much more versatile! It is fun to experiment with them and see just how much they can do. If you start to cultivate your water kefir and then want to make a milk-based drink with them, you can just transfer a few of the grains into some milk. After a brief “lag phase”, the bacteria inside the grains will adjust to living off milk and start acting like milk kefir!

Water kefir grains really are that versatile. Many water kefir enthusiasts also enjoy brewing their grains with grape juice or coconut water, since it opens up whole new avenues of recipes that can be made with the finished drinks.

Many probiotics – the types of foods that, like kefir, contain helpful bacteria – are made from milk products. Pro-biotic yoghurts are great, but not if you don’t like yoghurt!

Water kefir grains allow you to make probiotic foods without always having to involve dairy, which is something milk kefir grains cannot achieve. They can be brewed into drinks (starting with almost any sugary liquid) or simply eaten, and can benefit almost anyone.

Although milk kefir grains are more widespread, and often easier to come across than water kefir grains, with a little effort it is usually possible to find someone who is happy to send you the things you need to get started making water kefir for yourself.

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