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Kefir Starter: The Way to Get Started With Kefir

You might have heard about the health benefits of including probiotic foods in your diet.

There is evidence to suggest that these sorts of food can offer you increased energy levels, better digestion, and improved immune function!

By producing your own probiotic, and including it in your diet using the great recipes throughout this site, you can enjoy these benefits without having to regularly buy expensive probiotic foods! A Kefir Starter contains everything you need to start producing your own kefir right away.

The story of kefir begins in the Caucasian Mountains. Legend has it that the prophet Mohammed gave some kefir grains to the people who lived in the mountains as a gift, and then the people used the grains to stop their milk from going bad.

This worked because the grains ate the sugar in the milk that bacteria need to reproduce. The good bacteria in the kefir grains ate the sugar that naturally exist in milk (called lactose) so that bad bacteria (the ones that would turn the milk bad) couldn’t easily breed in the milk!

Someone soon realised that drinking the milk that the grains had been in was beneficial, and the grains became a closely guarded secret. When the grains in the milk had produced more grains, some of them would be transferred to a different batch of milk, and so on, until the mountainfolk had hundreds of the grains.

This gift from Mohammed was the world’s first “kefir starter” – the first few grains that you need in order to start producing kefir for yourself.

Nowadays, kefir starters are basically the same. The most important part of them is the grains, but there might also be some other useful equipment and advice included in the package.

If you bought a kefir starter from this site, we would supply you with your first grains, a container to ferment them in, some food for the kefir to help it get started and a set of simple instructions to follow.

Using these, you’d be able to start making your own probiotic health foods quickly and easily.

Also included in the kefir starter offered here is a selection of recipes – kefir drinks and foods with kefir added for the probiotic benefits. Once you get started, you can make all kinds of fun things for your friends and family to try.

Before long, there will be enough of the grains for you to give some to anyone else you know who wants to start making kefir. You could help spread kefir throughout your neighbourhood!

It’s really easy to start growing your own kefir grains, and it is fantastic fun to try out new recipes and creative ways to include them in your diet.

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