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Kefir Health Benefits: Kefir for the Whole Family

Probiotics are a great way to protect your health, and the health of those you care about. There are kefir health benefits that apply to everyone!

Here are some examples:

Manic Mother

Calm down mom! Stress is an epidemic in the western world and causes all kinds of health problems. A busy, manic life disturbs the digestive system – and some extremely stressed people even experience diarrhoea. Stress also lowers the defences provided by the immune system, allowing us to become sick more easily, so you can understand why sometimes it is best just to stop and take a calming breath!

We know it’s not easy being a mom, but by including a regular probiotic supplement in your diet you can help to protect your body against the effects of stress. Probiotics help aid digestion and boost the immune system, keeping your body safe even when you have one hundred things to get done before you pick up the kids from school!

Busy Dad

You’re extremely busy, so you don’t always have time to eat properly. Your erratic diet and the stress of your day job are taking their toll on your digestive system and hitting your immune system hard. You may even be deficient in certain nutrients.

By starting your day with a kefir smoothie, you can get all the nutrients you need to get you through your day while safeguarding your body against the effects of stress. Maybe even try a recipe including coconut water kefir, to replace essential salts in the body. This adds to the basic kefir health benefits, allowing you to concentrate better and work harder!

Stressed Teenager

Another day, another pimple? It’s tough having to look good all the time when your hormones are raging. You may be interested to know that bad skin is often caused by toxins in the body that a probiotic food could absorb for you!

By including probiotic foods in their diet, many people find that the condition of their skin greatly improves. Probiotics also protect your body from the effects of stress.

Growing Child

Running around everywhere and growing into a strong adult uses a lot of energy and nutrients. Getting some extra nutrients from a kefir milkshake once a day can raise energy levels and ensure that any kid has the fuel they need to have a great day.

Although some kefir health benefits, such as guarding the body against stress, do not seem as relevant to a child’s lifestyle as to a teenager or adult, the separate parts of this – aiding the digestion and strengthening the immune system – is a good idea at any age.

Also, if children grow up drinking probiotics it will become natural, establishing a healthy habit for later life.

As you can see, there are benefits of kefir that apply to almost everyone!

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