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Coconut Kefir: The Health Benefits of Coconut and Coconut Kefir Water

The watery substance inside coconuts (known as “coconut water”), along with the flesh itself, has some amazing health benefits! All across the world, in ancient folk medicine and in modern medical practices, the coconut is respected as a powerful way to keep the body healthy.

When the nutritional benefits of coconut are added to the probiotic powers of Kefir, you can end up with something that is fantastically good for the human body. “Coconut Kefir” can be made from Water Kefir grains, either by using coconut water instead of regular water to ferment the Kefir grains, or by simply adding coconut milk to the traditional drink after it has been made.

Coconut water is an excellent “electrolyte replacement drink”. This means that it has all the salts and sugars our body needs in order to recover from dehydration. If the body has had to endure vomiting, diarrhoea or intense sweating it sometimes needs a little help in order to rehydrate. Coconut can provide this rehydration, and is often used by athletes as a substitute for more expensive isotonic sports drinks!

Coconut Kefir can help the body recover from illness by replacing lost fluids and salts, and can also guard the body against further illness with its helpful bacteria.

Unripe coconut water (extracted when the coconut is still green) has the best salt and sugar content – and there is often more water to extract from an unripe coconut – but coconut water and coconut flesh are still extremely healthy foods once the coconut has ripened and turned brown.

Don’t overdo it though! Too much of anything can be bad for you, and because coconut milk is so sweet it is best consumed in moderation. Perhaps the cleverest thing about Coconut Kefir is that while the grains are fermenting in the coconut water, they are actively taking out some of the sugar content and using it to grow. Coconut Kefir therefore contains less sugar than pure coconut water, making it healthier and less calorific.

In Sanskrit coconuts are called “kalpa vriksha”, which roughly means "the tree which provides the necessities of life". In the Maldives, it is believed that a man who collects the nectar from coconut plants will remain fit and vigorous until he is well into his nineties!

Pacific islanders commonly believe the coconut to be a cure for all ills, and some hindu ceremonies involve decorating a coconut as an offering to the Gods. Despite thousands of years of worldwide coconut worship, modern medicine is only recently beginning to acknowledge the wide-ranging benefits of coconut flesh and coconut water!

By combining coconut with kefir, we are bringing together two of nature’s most powerful health foods. It makes all kinds of sense, and it tastes good too.

As well as making coconut kefir with coconut water, the health benefits of coconut can also be combined with kefir by adding the liquidised flesh of a coconut to a kefir drink after it has been made, or by using tinned coconut milk as part of a delicious “Kefir smoothie”.

Experimenting is half the fun! If you enjoy coconut flavoured chocolates, perhaps try blending some melted chocolate with some coconut kefir, coconut milk and cream. There is no limit to the ways in which you can incorporate the benefits of coconut into your kefir-based drinks!

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